The Nuclear Aesthetics Research Network is an interdisciplinary group of early career researchers for the study of all things nuclear. Bringing together early career researchers from the humanities and social sciences, we explore the aesthetic and historic intersections between art, culture, and the nuclear. Our goal is an exchange of ideas and collaborations through workshops and publications. Additionally, we organize events that go beyond the academic context, such as excursions, exhibitions, and screenings. While the nuclear works as a locus around which the network is organized, we are eager to welcome scholars working on the fringes of this topic on issues such as climate change, the Anthropocene, toxicity and pollution, deep time, waste, etc.

The network is initiated by Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou (EHESS), Ruby de Vos (University of Groningen) and Anna Volkmar (Leiden University), and driven by the work and enthusiasm of an expanding international group of early career researchers. Please drop an email to nuclearaesthetics@gmail.com or use the contact form below to join us!